The Art of Tracking Spending

Tracking spending is a cornerstone of progression towards financial independence

How much do you spend in a given week? or month? Do you know, or are you just guesstimating? In any given month I could have dozens of separate expenses, ranging from buying a cup of coffee (Latte Factor evangelists relax, it’s a rare occurrence) to my mortgage payments. With the number and variability in size of all these expenses, it’s hard to have a sense of what you’re actually spending if you’re not actually recording any of it.

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Choosing Not to Afford Things

My Pet Hate

Please excuse me while I have a short rant about a regular occurrence that really grates on me, and I imagine a good few of you too. It’s a small thing, really only four words, but it’s a concept that lies at the heart of why most people will never become financially independent. Those words?

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