Money On My Mind

Ok, I need to start with a confession; I’ve been fretting a bit about money recently. Each month when I look back at my spending habits, they’re consistently above the level that I’m comfortable with, and above what I planned for. I guess it’s probably a feeling many of you have had, at least those who actually track spending. The numbers don’t line up with my plans for financial independence, and I feel a bit uneasy looking at them. Don’t get me wrong, to the average outsider my spending vs saving rates aren’t bad, but they’re not what I want them to be. Continue reading “Money On My Mind”

Achieving Stealth Wealth

There is a history in the world of financial independence of people plodding along incognito, meanwhile amassing a healthy nest egg. Their coworkers, friends and even some family have no idea that many of these people are millionaires or can afford to never work again. In the terms of building your FIRE engine, it’s the equivalent of adding an invisibility cloak to your engine (cue Harry Potter references).

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Building your FIRE Engine

Most people who’ve seen a personal finance blog will have come across the term FIRE, for Financial Independence / Retire Early. There are lots of different interpretations of what it actually entails, but it’s a good umbrella term to get you started.
As for the FIRE “engine”? It’s a mental model for how you’re going to get to financial independence / retire early. Constantly thinking about saving pennies, and interest rates is an exhausting and anxiety-inducing habit, especially for a process that will take years. The engine is something you build over time, and it keeps on going with little external input (just a bit of steering and tinkering to make sure it keeps running and doesn’t drive you into a tree).

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